References about courses in Swedish as a foreign language with Svealingua below. New for 2017 are courses in Spanish!

"It was a definite advantage and indeed a pleasure to study Swedish with Svealingua. Considerate, caring, and enthusiastic, the instructor really took an interest in his students´ specific needs and various levels of mastery. Always open to suggestion, the teacher channeled this sensitivity into a functioning and harmonius classroom experience. Max´s personal acquaintance with multiple languages and general etymology acts as an enormous benefit for his students. He bridges the ages by connecting linguistic roots and thus makes the languages come alive."

Lilly Husbands, student, USA.

"Svealingua´s Swedish teaching programme has a sound scientific base. Its methods are derived from scientific research findings on language teaching and learning. It employs a learner-centred approach as programmes are tailored according to the level, backgrounds and needs of each individual learner. Svealingua also encourages a participatory method of learning through active interactive learning with the instructor as well as among students. Repetition and feedback of lesson materials are carefully presented and monitored by the instructor to constantly evaluate the progress of the learner. I truly enjoyed learning Swedish with Svealingua."

Toshio Ohsako, Japan
Visiting professor
Institute of International Education
Stockholm University.